Camille Cobb


I am a postdoctoral researcher working with Lujo Bauer in the CyLab at Carnegie Mellon University.

I recently earned my Phd from the University of Washington in Computer Science & Engineering. During my PhD, I worked with Tadayoshi Kohno in the Security & Privacy Research Lab. I'm broadly interested in security and privacy, but I am particularly drawn to projects that seek to understand users' security and privacy expectations and how those expectations may be violated even when systems work as anticipated (e.g., are not compromised by malicious actors).

For more, see my CV.

Other Interests

Some of my non-research interests include: hanging out with my awesome dog; social dancing; playing soccer and softball; going to local sports games; knitting and other artistic endeavors.


Github: cobbc12
Instagram: cam_and_stormy
Twitter: @campossible

Recent Publications

Camille Cobb. User-to-User Privacy in Social and Communications Applications. Doctoral Dissertation. pdf

Camille Cobb, Tadayoshi Kohno. How Public Is My Private Life? Privacy in Online Dating. WWW 2017, Perth, Australia, April 2017. pdf, survey instrument, presentation slides

Camille Cobb, Samuel Sudar, Nicholas Reiter, Richard Anderson, Franziska Roesner, Tadayoshi Kohno. Computer Security for Data Collection Technologies. ICTD 2016, Ann Arbor, MI, June 2016. pdf

Camille Cobb, Ted McCarthy, Annuska Perkins, Ankitha Bharadwaj, Jared Comis, Brian Do, Kate Starbird. Designing for the deluge: understanding & supporting the distributed, collaborative work of crisis volunteers. CSCW 2014, Baltimore, MD, February 2014. pdf

Full list of publications on Google Scholar.


My research has been discussed in several articles (if you hear of others, please let me know):

Jellyfish on Blake Island

My dog Stormy in a field of flowers


Motivated undergrads who are would like to learn more about getting involved in research should send me an email.

I've worked with many excellent undergrad and masters students at UW. Most recently, I have worked with students in CSE:

  • Clemend Zhong
  • Kayla Butler

Early in my PhD, I led an HCDE Directed Research Group with undergrad and masters students from HCDE and CSE rotating in and out of the team over several quarters:

  • Aiko Lin
  • Ankitha Bharadwaj
  • Brian Do
  • Eng Phannipha
  • Janelle Van Hofwegen
  • Jared Comis
  • Joe Kohlmann
  • Katlyn Edwards
  • Tridiv Sardesai

I have also mentored high school students in computer science competitions.